The Real Elephant in the Room: Pensions vs. Suicidal Children

This article first appeared on the Reconciling Ministries Network website. My wife Diane and I recently went to the Missouri Annual Conference. We were there to participate on an LGBTQ+ panel hosted by Missouri’s RMN coordinator, Trish Gunby. Stepping onto the conference floor for the first time was an awe-inspiring experience for two Methodist newbies. Over 1,000 attendees sat at tables in rows facing the stage with large screens displaying PowerPoint slides and speaker close-ups. As motions came from the floor, Bishop Farr turned to an attorney behind him before responding. It was highly organized and business-like; reminiscent of a megacorp’s stockholder meeting. On Friday afternoon Bisho

Endorsements for TRANSFIGURED

I asked a bunch of people I respect to write blurbs for Transfigured, and was blessed to get a lot of yesses in response! Here's the most recent, which arrived in my email box today. Devotionals are intended to enhance or inspire our devotement to God. TRANSFIGURED accomplishes this. Those who have, as yet, only experienced biblical texts as a pelting hail, will experience scripture here as a soft, saturating rain. But this healing compilation of fresh perspectives has a greater work to accomplish. Anyone who is sensitive to, but considers themselves outside of the LGBTQ+ world, eager to understand that world better, will find this work to be an unthreatening immersion into a foreign, fasci

Transfigured Excerpt: Our Gender-full God

The Transfigured devotional is marching toward launch. I structured it differently from Where True Love Is, in that topics are intermixed rather than delivered in chunks. But since studying by topic area can be useful, I included a guide for those who prefer to move through the book that way. Here's the introduction to the Our Gender-Full God content area. Fathers and doctors of the church like Origen and Augustine recognized that language is too limited to adequately describe God. There are no words which can capture the being that loved so much that it exploded into energy and matter. But humans are designed to seek understanding, and language creates form for incomprehensible concepts, an

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