The complex joy of Easter

On Resurrection Sunday we offered a reflection about the dark, complexity of Easter this year. You can watch the video above to hear it, or read the text below. Thoughts about Easter have been consuming this past week. Some of us held out hope that the isolation would be finished or at least drawing to a close by now. Some of us have been obsessing about how to offer a service suitable to this Christian high holy day via Zoom or Facebook live. Christmas and Easter. The high holy days, speaking to us of birth and death. The cycle of the Christian year replays across the eons, and we respond to it with rituals and traditions which offer deep consolation and joy. For Easter, traditions include

Litany for COVID19

As a way of processing the fear, isolation, and grief which COVID19 has amped up in our nation and across the world, Where True Love Is and Church Beyond Walls ministries offered a prayer litany today. Watch, and pray with us.

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