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Endorsements for TRANSFIGURED

I asked a bunch of people I respect to write blurbs for Transfigured, and was blessed to get a lot of yesses in response! Here's the most recent, which arrived in my email box today.

Devotionals are intended to enhance or inspire our devotement to God. TRANSFIGURED accomplishes this. Those who have, as yet, only experienced biblical texts as a pelting hail, will experience scripture here as a soft, saturating rain. But this healing compilation of fresh perspectives has a greater work to accomplish. Anyone who is sensitive to, but considers themselves outside of the LGBTQ+ world, eager to understand that world better, will find this work to be an unthreatening immersion into a foreign, fascinating culture. Anyone anywhere who has suffered from a much too small sense of self worth-- this devotional reclaims the power of scripture as a healing salve for our souls. In these pages you will see yourself, at last, as your Kingdom of God self -- transfigured right before your eyes.

Richard Hadley, MDiv, BCC

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