Scent of a Shepherd

Elijah Walker recently pondered about Jesus, wondering if he bit his nails or hummed as he worked. Wondering what he smelled like. I wrote this poem some years ago as I considered God's work of rescuing sheep and me, and so I share it now. (Oh, and if you don't yet follow Elijah, you should.) Scent of a Shepherd by Suzanne DeWitt Hall From the nightmare I wake in pain and motion. The world passes by upside down an undulating sea of blue sky. My contorted body screams unused to the position and broken bones. My hair swings low swaying with every step blocking the sight of his sandaled feet. His stride is long and even shoulders miraculously broad; my weight unequal to the cross. My arms hang

We're even supposed to love adulterers?

A woman on Facebook blasted me recently when I added adulterers below a graphic of the various kinds of people Jesus expects us to love. She asked me who I was to try to tell the world what the gospel says, given that I'm not a pastor who committed their life to the teachings of Jesus. She also demanded that if my wife was having an affair with a neighbor, I'd tell another story. Adultery is unfortunately widespread, even within Christian communities, and so I figured I'd share my response here. Who am I to proclaim that God wants us to love our adulterous neighbor? A simple disciple. A studier of scripture. A proclaimer of the good news. A follower of Jesus' example. I -have- committed my l

God of Scandal

!mpact Magazine originally featured this piece in August, 2014. At that time I didn't use inclusive terms for God, and I wasn't yet married to my beloved Dolce. Now I refer to God as "they," and call my beloved my wife, but the truth of this essay still stands. I met my fiance Diane at a Charismatic Episcopal Church about seven years ago. In case you aren’t familiar with the CEC (most people aren’t), imagine smooshing together an Assembly of God congregation with a Catholic church that rejects the Pope and wants it’s male priests to be able to marry. If you can do that, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’s like. The CEC features liturgical services; a patriarchal, socially conservativ

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