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The Language of Bodies

Maddie Wells' life spirals out of control after the murder of her wife Char, a transgender woman of color. Hunger for revenge drives Maddie to take a job at a wax museum near the murderer's hometown, where she studies revenge and plots how to strike back. Befriending the murderer's wife is the first stage in Maddie's plan to make him pay.

The Language of Bodies probes the seduction of vengeance using vivid, sensual imagery to explore how love transcends the particulars of body parts, and how revenge blurs the line between victim and perpetrator, hero and villain. It's a gorgeous, dark tale about the enduring power of love, and the human spirit's unwillingness to give up.

Book no.1

Holding On to for Hope

Help for friends and family of transgender people

Book no.1

Reaching for Hope

Strategies and support for the partners of transgender people


Sleeper, Awake

40 days of companionship for the deconstruction process.


Sex With God

A 50-day devotional exploring issues of sexuality and divinity.


Where True Love Is

The original 90-day devotional.

Where True Love Is Discussion Guide

This guide makes running a study of the Where True Love Is devotional easy! Each week's topic is encapsulated in an overview, and discussion questions are presented to help participants engage in dialog. 


The 40-day devotional for gender-queer and transgender people.


A Theology of Desire

Meditations on intimacy, consummation, and the longing of God.

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