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Endorsements for the Sex with God devotional

Sharing this endorsement for my SEX WITH GOD devotional because it's just so darned wonderful.

Not since ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ has a person spoken so directly of the sexual act concerning the Divine. Unlike the former, it is not so much a writing of intimacy with God as it is a writing of intimacy in God.
In this book, the author invites us to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. We are, within our very created beings, sexual by nature. Yet, concepts of shame and fear have forced each of us to live in a world where we simply accept what we are told to believe.
This book allows the participant to journey from the known world towards the unknown where unity with God through our God-given giftedness can be found. This mystical journey takes us from the apophatic, where one denies oneself, to the cataphatic where one achieves knowledge of God. This all happens through that which we have been given, namely sex.
There has long been a division of human and divine with some wishing to accept a gnostic idea of the body being wrong, while the spirit is good. This results in sexual activity being conceived of as harmful unless it is properly constrained and contained. However, the book allows us to explore the idea of being made in the image and likeness of God. It invites us to enter into our humanity, and thereby find the divinity. As the early church Father, Athanasius (ca 298–373) wrote in his massively influential, On the Incarnation, ‘God became man that man might become God’. While he may have now said human, the essence is the same, God became a sexual being and we, as sexual people will thereby find God. This book helps us along that journey.
This book is not a panacea for an ‘anything goes’ culture. It is firmly rooted in holiness and truth. It seeks to assist the reader to discover God within their created being; all of it, not just parts of it. It aims to provide an opportunity for the discovery of God, of self and of the two intimately entwined. It seeks to facilitate a deeper relationship with God, entering into the unknown with the security that all is held within the grasp of each person of the Trinity.
If you ever wanted to love yourself, your true self; that’s with every facet of your being, then this book is for you. It helps you deal with the issue of shame and bring freedom, self-acceptance and understanding.

Rev. David Babbington MA, Founding Pastor of ‘Outside In’ the Affirming, Reconciling Community for the LGBTQ+ People & of ‘Emmaus’ LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Group, Lichfield, UK


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