Sex With God endorsements are blowing my mind!

Endorsements for SEX WITH GOD are rolling in, and I've been blown away by the depth of response it's receiving. Here's one example. We'll be sharing more in the coming week. Launch is July 31! Not since ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ has a person spoken so directly of the sexual act concerning the Divine. Unlike the former, it is not so much a writing of intimacy with God as it is a writing of intimacy in God. In this book, the author invites us to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. We are, within our very created beings, sexual by nature. Yet, concepts of shame and fear have forced each of us to live in a world where we simply accept what we are told to believe. This book allows the parti

Asexuality doesn't need to be fixed

The entry below is an excerpt from my Sex With God devotional, which launches July 21, 2020. Human sexual attraction and desire are vast and shifting things, with no one person’s reality being a model for perfection. God burns with desire for all humanity, and each of us reflects that hunger in varying ways: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and even intellectually. When it comes to sexual desire, some of us have very high sex drives and are excited by people of the opposite sex. Some have a lower drive, and are attracted to people of the same sex. Some of us experience little or no sexual demands from our bodies, and aren’t sexually excited by people of any gender. Many people exist in

Loving your perfectly imperfect body

This entry comes from my SEX WITH GOD devotional which launches July 31! A movement's afoot to reject the idea that any one body type is an ideal we should all strive to reach. That’s a very good thing. The fashionability of body sizes and shapes shifts across time and cultures just as fashion itself does. Consider the extreme hour-glass of Edwardian women, followed by the hipless tunic styling of the flappers. The image media currently projects as the epitome of sexy will be different in five years. With each shift, the vast majority of people feel like they don’t look right. It’s a lot of pressure. Add to that the vagaries of weight gain and loss which create stretch marks or loose skin, i

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