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Good Friday's fetishization of inhumanity

I'm struggling with Holy week this year. It feels like I've removed a pair of hypocrisy-filtering sunglasses and am seeing various "celebrations" in a new way.

Today is the day people memorialize the brutal murder of a child of God for proclaiming that deconstruction is a profoundly necessary thing, and call the event "good." Our town hosts a "community walk" with "Jesus" dragging a not-quite-life-size lynching tree from church to church.

Christians are supposed to celebrate the idea that God demanded we inflict our inhumanity on God's beloved, in order that God might continue to tolerate our ongoing inhumane treatment of other of God's beloveds. And on Easter morning the divine video game resets, Jesus isn't really dead, and we carry on blasting away at the lives of others as if none of it matters.

Because it's Friday now, but Sunday's coming!

How can we be surprised by the ongoing horrors our nation of "Christian values" continues to unfurl given the essential depravity of this core piece of Christianity's vision?

How can we not be a savage people when we cycle around annually to a celebration of ritualized violence as the solution to dissent and a requirement for "holiness?"

I used to love the meditative pondering of "Holy week," even more than the laughter and light of Easter. But now, all I can do is see it as an ongoing tale of our human thirst for blood and vengeance.

And I'm not sure what to do with that.


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