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Book Suzanne and Declan

Radio and Podcast Interviews

Author Suzanne DeWitt Hall and transmasculine activist Declan DeWitt Hall love talking to people about the intersection of faith and sexuality, and about coupledom when one partner is trans. Find a variety of interviews by clicking this link. To schedule Suzanne and/or Declan for your show, send us an email!

Workshops and Seminars


Are you looking for a speaker to help your congregation, church leadership, or community develop a new sexual ethic for this post-purity-culture era? Do you want to corporately explore the reality that the affirmation and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people doesn't go against either the will of God or the holy scriptures? Would you like to host a discussion about how to be supportive as the partner of a transgender person?


Suzanne  and Declan are available to give talks and lead workshops on the following topics:

  • Working through gender transition as a couple

  • Sacred Sexuality without Purity Culture Shame

  • A Biblical Defense for Same Sex Marriage

  • Unclobbering the Clobber Passages

  • Extending Compassion to Well-Meaning Legalistic Christians

  • Marriage in the Bible

Custom talks can also be arranged.

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