Are you looking for a speaker to help your congregation, church leadership, or community understand how the affirmation and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people doesn't go against either the will of God or the holy scriptures? Suzanne DeWitt Hall is available to give talks and lead workshops on the following topics:

  • A Biblical Defense for Same Sex Marriage

  • Unclobbering the Clobber Passages

  • Reclaiming Sacred Sexuality

  • Extending Compassion to Well-Meaning Legalistic Christians

  • Marriage in the Bible

Custom talks can also be arranged.

Here are a few sample interviews to give you a sense of Suzanne's voice and style:

Everyday Grace Podcast hosted by Cattie Price

  • Be the Bridge Podcast: Suzanne DeWitt Hall and the Transformational Power of Listening to God
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  • Host: Brian Peyton Joyner
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  • LGBT News Radio Interview with Suzanne DeWitt Hall
  • -
  • Host: Brandon Carmody
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  • Our Queer Experience Podcast with Suzanne DeWitt Hall
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  • André D. and Bruce
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