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Celebrating Paula Stone Williams for gender awareness week!

The amazing Paula Stone Williams is clearly having her hour this Pride Month! Her book As A Woman – What I Learned About Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy After I Transitioned launched June 1, and the press is celebrating it in style. She's been interviewed on Good Morning America and NPR's 1A, and an excerpt from the book appeared in The Advocate. A virtual book tour is also underway (find the schedule here.)

But the excitement doesn't stop there: Paula's Facebook page recently announced that her story has been picked up for production into a limited television series!

As friends and followers of Paula's work over the past several years, the news is particularly encouraging and gratifying, because she wrote the gorgeous foreword for our Transfigured devotional.

Here are a few of her words about the book:


"In Transfigured, a 40-day journey through scripture for gender-queer and transgender people, Suzanne DeWitt Hall has created a book to take with us on those trails that go up and down 10 times a day. Her devotions provide encouragement, hope, instruction, comfort and solace....The call toward authenticity is holy; it is sacred; it is for the greater good. As you continue on your sacred journey, answering God’s call to live authentically, I hope you find strength and comfort from Transfigured. And Suzanne, thank you for giving us centering sustenance for the journey."


We are absolutely thrilled that Paula's powerful message is reaching new audiences. She brings a particular experience of patriarchy to help us expand our understanding of the ways in which we need to change as individuals and a society. She speaks with authenticity, depth, and love: things the world is very much in need of now.

Congratulations Paula!


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