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Today's Reader Feedback Made Us Cry

Today we heard from the Board president of a coalition of faith organizations which welcome, affirm, and include LGBTQ+ people in New England. He and his fiancé have been working their way through Where True Love Is together, and he now wants to get copies for each member congregation in the coalition. Here's what he had to say about the devotional:

Thank you so much for WTLI; it's not only the best LGBT devotional I have read, I consider it a must read for all Christians. I think I am going to be buying a bunch for Christmas presents. ... The people I am planning to give it to will read it. And I think they will be moved some. You use logic and theology and reason...I have no words to describe it to people besides "you need to read this."

I've always known that Jesus loves me, but you tear down every argument to the contrary in a rational, well thought out, scripturally derived way people have to listen. And the ones who are using threats and vitriol towards you do so because they know that this book is a better sell for Christianity than the version they have been shilling that's gotten them wealthy.

I think Jesus wept when he read your book; but not all tears come from sorrow.

We read his words, and shed tears of our own.

We are grateful for the feedback. May God use Where True Love Is to help heal hearts and minds; to mend relationships; and to build the Kingdom.

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