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Litany for our election day hangover

We ended our sabbatical yesterday, election day, which was a bit like waking up groggy and being punched in the face by a farting leprechaun. Today I spent the morning thinking about how we are all supposed to cope as we wait for the counting to be finished, and pondering how far our nation has moved from the values we've proclaimed to be dear. Given our reach to the Where True Love Is community, particularly on Facebook, we decided to go live this afternoon with some words of hope and a prayer litany. Here's what we prayed:

Dear God, who permits us the freedom to do good and evil, who transforms death and darkness into growth and light, we lift up our hearts to you at this time of widespread sorrow.

Hear us as we offer our petitions.

For those who despair of their ability to simply live as their true selves:

God of authenticity, hear our prayer.

For those who fear they may not be able to marry:

God of loving union, hear our prayer.

For those who have lost spouses, parents, children, or others due to systematic racism:

God of justice, hear our prayer.

For those who have lost loved ones due to pandemic:

God of comfort, hear our prayer.

For those who are sick and those who fear the loss of healthcare:

God of healing, hear our prayer.

For those who are currently counting votes;

God of protection, hear our prayer.

Lift up your own petitions for those in need.

For those blinded by the darkness of discrimination:

God of inclusion, show them truth and life.

For those trapped in the lie of nationalism and supremacy:

God of all people, show them truth and life.

For those ensnared in perpetual outrage and anger:

God of peace, show them truth and life.

For those seduced by power and control:

God of vulnerability, show them truth and life.

Lift up your own petitions for those who seem lost in darkness.

Lord, we need your comfort and assurance. Hear these prayers for wholeness and healing. Transform our hearts and those of whom we view as enemies. Reassure us of your promise that all things will ultimately be well. Be with us as we wait, mourn, and celebrate. Inspire ways we can change the small corners of the world in which we make a difference. Deliver us from the darkness which invites us to despair. Remind us of how deeply each of us is loved. Help us to deliver that truth to others.

In the name of the one who IS love we pray,



Please try to find ways to give and receive comfort as we mourn, wait, and hope, together.


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