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On the increase of the Spirit, and the dancing of the planets

St. Augustine described the Holy Spirit as the bond of love between the Creator and the Son. That got me thinking. Does God grow? Love isn't flat and static. It is alive and active. Love grows, and God is love.

This reality has some pretty wondrous implications. For starters, since you and I are part of the body of Christ, bearers of the Creator's image, can we conclude that the Spirit expands and increases through our love for God and each other?

I think so. The Son grew, and maybe still grows, and Augustine's thought suggests the Spirit is magnified when love expands. The Creator must also grow, because after all, they are part of a Trinity. If one grows, all must grow.

But how is this reflected in the person of the Creator; the immutable encapsulation of our image of God? Perhaps the answer is not about essence, but about production. Perhaps it is in the very expansion of the cosmos. Perhaps the increase of our love feeds the very force of the Creator's power, and out shoots matter and energy and liturgy and ritual and order and beauty and passion and endurance and hot, molten, burning, unconquerable love. And so as we love, the stars and the planets dance, and the bees and the ants dance, and the church and its liturgy dance, and we dance. We dance. We dance.

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