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Books in the Series

Where True Love Is: an affirming devotional for LGBTQI+ individuals and their allies 


Where True Love Is offers a 90-day Biblical exploration of God, scripture, the law, gender, sexuality, marriage, and more.


This book is for every LGBTQI+ individual who fears God can’t love them just the way they are, and for those who simply want a devotional which approaches scripture inclusively. It is for every family member who struggles to integrate the reality of their LGBTQI+ loved one with a faithful walk with Christ. It is for every pastor, church, and denomination trying to discern God’s will for this critical issue.

After reading it, you’ll be able to offer a Bible-based defense of the validity of LGBTQI+ Christian faith. More importantly, you’ll encounter the gorgeous, loving complexity of a God who can’t be stuffed into a book-sized box.

Transfigured: a 40-day journey through scripture for gender-queer and transgender people


Transfigured offers a 40-day exploration of scripture through the lens of a God who is the designer of gender in all it’s magnificent variety. While reading it you’ll encounter a Creator who is both male and female, and come to realize that God’s image and likeness are most fully manifested by gender-queer people.

I Don't Want Them to Go to Hell

When a loved one tells us their sexual orientation or gender identity is something other than what we've believed, it can send us into a tailspin of worry and confusion. What does God think? How are we supposed to respond? What will happen to their eternal souls? I Don't Want Them to Go to Hell is a tool for exploring these questions scripturally, and prayerfully.

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