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Happy Pride Month!

Picture of a man holding the red and orange parts of a rainbow flag which floats in the background.

It's Pride Month, and the Where True Love Is movement is celebrating in style! You can expect book price reductions, giveaways, video dance-offs, music, activism, and more!

We decided that for each week in June we'll focus on different aspects of Pride. Here's what to expect:

Week 1: Rainbow Week, when we'll celebrate the glorious spectrum of human gender identity and sexual orientation. The second edition of Where True Love Is will be available for 1/3 off, and there will be related book giveaways.

Week 2: Gender Identity Week, when we'll shine light on the beautiful variety of gender expression, and offer a sale on Transfigured.

Week 3: Sexual Orientation Week, when we'll offer content related to various orientations, and discount Sex With God.

Week 4: Family Awareness Week, when we'll provide resources for helping family and friends manage their concerns about a loved one's coming out, and discount the price of I Don't Want Them to Go to Hell.

Week 5: Be You Week, which will honor God's desire for each of us to be fully the beautifully unique and beloved creature we have the potential to be.

Recent days have resulted in stunning levels of new of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation, and the work of fighting for queer rights is far from over. Let's all try to use Pride Month as a way to recharge our emotional batteries to continue the good work of shining light into darkness.

Happy Pride!


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