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Why the devotional is titled "Sex With God"

Picture of two sets of words, reading "why?" and "why not?"

As word has been getting out about the launch of Sex With God, we're discovering that some people find the title offensive. One person even called it demonic. The objections seem to come from Christians, but the strange thing is that the Bible is filled with scriptures describing the relationship of the faithful and God as marital. The Hebrew people repeatedly turning away is ubiquitously compared to infidelity. The church is described as the bride of Christ, and we it's members. The Song of Songs is a steamy love poem filled with eroticism, and is understood to describe God's passion for us.

So why the outrage?

The fact that people are so offended by the words "God" and "sex" in the same sentence is exactly why I wrote the book. The way forward in our post-purity-culture world is to re-examine sexuality, not by rejecting the idea that the divine and the physical should be separate, but that they should be embraced as pieces of a seamless, sacred oneness.

My spouse came up with the title. It popped into zir head out of nowhere, fully and perfectly formed. As ze said the words I knew it was exactly right. The devotion is about honoring the divine presence in ourselves and in our beloveds, and inviting the divine in to the physical intimacy we have with each other. Sex with God there--because God is of course everywhere--and sex with God themself engaged, becoming the third strand of an unbreakable cord of intimacy. Inviting God in helps ensure that we never forget the inherent worth and dignity of others, and that we recognize our own holy value. It's the very opposite of demonic and profane.

The title Sex With God is a perfect summary of the book. If the phrase makes you uncomfortable, you should most definitely read it.

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