Jesus' Call to Mummified Churches and to You

Many of us feel like it's too late to save Christianity. Church doors are closing, and pews are emptying because of policies which exclude LGBTQI+ people from full participation or even simple welcome. Stories of conversion therapy torture camps, child abuse by priests, and sexual assault and harassment of employees by megachurch pastors make us question whether churches can or even should survive. Evangelical church leaders who support anti-Christian behaviors, speech, and decisions made at the highest level of government don't help. We despair that nothing can be done. It looks like the church is a dead corpse, a mummy, stinking from it's own rot. We are like the siblings of Lazarus who m

What Did Your Pastor Preach About Last Sunday?

Like most women, sexual assault is a personal issue for my wife and I. The red, spittle-flinging faces on computer monitors and television screens this past week reminded us of why we chose to stay silent, the times we chose to stay silent. To top that off, a friend told me they'd been raped on Wednesday. Again. The first time it happened they pressed charges, and the trial was so degrading and adversarial toward them that when it happened again, they just kept quiet. My wife and I are attending a new church. As we got ready to leave for the service last Sunday, we wondered if the week's news would be mentioned in the sermon. Our previous pastor avoided national social crises as if they were

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